A Journey of a Web Developer!

A New Journey Begins!

May 19, 2018

Well congratulations to myself on getting my first official portfolio site live on the internet!! It wasn't easy but at the same time I really enjoyed making this.

This project was built with Django2 that connects with PostgreSQL. Not only that, there are so much I've learned just by making this one website up and running. I worked on my project locally on my computer for development purposes. To deploy my web site, I created production environment through DigitalOcean. I set up a virtual private server, then I set up Nginx which forwards it to Gunicorn which then serves up our project that connects with Postgres. Lastly I bought a domain name so people don't have to literally type IPv4 address. :) There were so many different pieces that come together to make a website live on the internet; And I'm so glad I've done it.

My original goal was to get a change to learn Django2 with postgresql; And I certainly did. But what I think I really learned is about CSS. I haven't realized there is so much I can do with CSS especially when it comes to animations. My web site is deployed, but I still want to add some pretty animation effects to make it fancier.

I think there are somewhat too many things to learn in web development. There are so many new web development skills with so many different ways to implement. It won't be an easy journey to catch up and to work at the cutting edge of web development, but I will how it goes. As long as I enjoy it. :)